Our Amazon, a dream territory made up of a green paradise which we, as human being, without prior notice we dared to inhabit and explode massively. Today unfortunately it is one of the areas most affected by Covid-19, taking the potential risk of becoming the area with highest contagion rate per inhabitant within an urban area in the country.

Hundreds of indigenous families living in the informal economic sector and from the sale of products from their communities

They have been forced to pause their trades, to abide by mandatory preventive isolation decreed by the national government leading them to go hungry and generating a situation of anxiety and uncertainty before the accelerated increase of cases with Covid-19.

«On the other hand, doctors and personnel related to the health sector, in today, it is also experiencing a really complicated situation»

Given that there are no biosafety guarantees for affected people by the Covid-19. From public complaints to mass resignations have been the pressure mechanisms to attract attention, but, so far nothing has worked making the landscape of Amazonas is discouraging for all its inhabitants.

Our heroes Leticia’s Covid-19 Room Medical Team

Levy Arimuya (Auxiliar de Enfermería), Angélica María Peña (Enfermera Jefe), Roberto Sandoval (Coordinador del Hospital San Rafael y Coordinador Covid), José Montenegro (Técnico de Enfermería) y Jean Paul Pérez (Médico General).

Support has been limited and scare, For this reason, since Fundación Grito Amazónico we are calling all artist musicians, composers and other people linked to the universe musical so that they add their voice to our cry and join this Donatón to help our forgotten region, but without which we will not we would have possible life on earth.

Amazon Festival Live, comes with all the Amazon footprint in looking for resources to help all the families in our indigenous communities and their displaced people, who are around Leticia, since they are the main victims of Covid-19, in addition to helping to supply our supplies with supplies heroic doctors and health personnel who work tirelessly under unfavorable conditions, putting your health and that of your loved ones.

Today, the Amazon need us.

In memory of Antonio Bolívar

The last Ocaina, victim of Covid-19 in the Amazon
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